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Each month, through our division, we serve up heavily discounted, and/or 'double your order for FREE' offers that go down a treat with our clients. Click the slide above or email for more info.

This is a great way to save some serious dough and to try new and different marketing tools to test if they work for you. Some of our clients have never paid full price for their printing!

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Even our regular full price is lower cost (& higher quality)! Because we do things differently & gang your print job along with hundreds of others, we're able to keep our everyday prices super low also. We've done the research and found in some instances we're up to 76% cheaper than the others! offers a full range of impressive stationery and colourful promotional tools at fantastic prices. Fast guaranteed turnarounds, fixed, menu based pricing, and highly automated print technology makes buying print easy and inexpensive. low cost, top quality print, previously unavailable to small businesses.