Fast, Flexible, Full Colour Print!

At Whakatane, we've made full colour printing affordable to everyone in Whakatane. Everything is printed in full colour, on premium papers (no flimsy business cards for us thank you very much!) which means you'll benefit from business class printing at economy class prices.

How? We do things differently. Everything we do is designed to make buying Printing and Graphic Design in Whakatane, easy and  affordable. Our centralised, highly automated, production hub is the key, coupled with a commitment to the latest technology and Total Quality Management systems, we can supply high quality-low cost print that other printers can only dream about.

With prices starting at $79+gst for 500 business cards it's worth checking us out! Oh, and if we're late - next time it's on us!

You'll find all of our print prices, plenty more offers and anything you could ever want to know about Whakatane at the website.

 There is not much we can't print - get in contact to discuss your next project!





What’s a FAQ? We don’t know, but people keep asking us. Here are some other things our customers are keen to know…

How do I know I’m getting good value?

Quite simply, Whakatane is not like any other printer you’ve ever dealt with. Our centralised Production Hub is ultra-efficient. It produces massive economies of scale, simply not available on the High Street. This means we can pass the savings directly on to you in the form of low prices. It’s really simple, yet incredibly effective.

How low are your prices?

Low. Really low. In fact, as much as 76% less than the industry average on some items.

How quickly can I have my printing?

In most cases as quickly as you need it! Within 2 working days if you’re in a real rush.

Does this top go with these shoes?

Yes. You look fine. Stop fretting.

Can you colour match to something I’ve already had printed?

Part of the reason we can keep our prices so low is that we print every order to a pleasing colour standard. That means that your order may not look exactly the same as something you’ve had printed before.

Can you help me with design?

Sure thing. We can create stunning artwork for you and help with all the creative stuff if you need us to. The concept, the copy, the layout, sourcing the photography – it’s all in a day’s work to us.

Can I design it myself?

Of course. Read our File Supply Guide before you start though – our process is different to everyone else’s.

What should I drink with a nice piece of Stilton?

A rich sweet Port will bring out the best in your lovely blue cheese.

How can I pay?

We’d be delighted to take your cheque, eftpos or cash payment. Our bank account details are on our invoices, so you can transfer via the net too.Unless you are a current account holder we require full payment before we start work.

How do I order?

Easily and fuss-free! Get in touch with the team at Whakatane, and we'll get it sorted.